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Powell & Meadows Insurance

Hometown agency recognized for offering peace of mind, superior products and a commitment to service excellence

Powell & Meadows Insurance - Carthage

Powell & Meadows Insurance | Carthage Office | 615.735.1111

Powell & Meadows Insurance Agency has a long history of protecting families in the Carthage, Tennessee area. Between 1894 and 1998, the agency changed hands multiple times while maintaining moderate growth. Since 1998, Powell & Meadows has grown tremendously under the guidance of owners Phillip Piper and Ray Edwards. Today, Powell & Meadows has expanded from 4 employees and beyond just the main office in Carthage to locations in Lafayette, Lebanon and Portland, Tennessee with a total of 28 employees.

As Powell & Meadow Insurance has expanded to other locations, they still maintain the hometown feel by ensuring that each location is staffed by local employees.  Each agency location has adopted local causes to support that are important to that community and their local employees.

Powell & Meadows Insurance Agency Lebanon

Powell and Meadows Insurance | Lebanon Office | 615.444.7000

“By keeping a local focus, we believe this gives our customers a more familiar face to deal with on a daily basis and also provides greater accountability to our customers because our employees are part of their local community and more easily accessible than someone who lives out of town,” says Chip Piper, vice president of Powell & Meadows.

For over 30 years, Phillip Piper has enjoyed working in the insurance business and was pleased when Chip chose to join him in the business. “Insurance is appealing to us because it allows us to do a job which at the end of the day benefits our customers,” Phillip states.  “We know in today’s world so many people view insurance as a commodity but providing service has value and it is a challenge we enjoy. The best part of our job is when someone refers a friend or family member because that is the ultimate compliment we can receive.”

Through the various companies they represent, the Powell & Meadows Insurance Agency can provide coverage protection for your home and automobile as well as your motorcycle, boat or ATV. They also provide farm, and renters insurance as well as life and health insurance. Besides personal lines of coverage, the staff at Powell & Meadows can also provide business and commercial insurance coverage including specializing in electric cooperatives, water and gas utilities, building contractors and the hunting and firearms industry.

Powell & Meadows Insurance Agency Portland

Powell & Meadows Insurance | Portland Office | 615.325.3930

Another thing that sets Powell & Meadow apart from their competition is the number of insurance companies they represent.  By representing over 20 companies, their agents are able to seek out the best coverage from a wide variety of insurance carriers and provide it to the customer at a competitive price.

“Our emphasis is on listening to our customers explain what they are trying to protect, answering any questions they may have then advising them on the best fit for their specific situation,” says Chip. “We provide options and suggestions while allowing the customer to make the final decision.”

According to Phillip, “Powell & Meadows will continue to grow by adding support and sales staff along with adding strategic partnerships with other carriers when needed.  We look to expand our footprint and try to expand the products and services we offer our clients.”

“The partnership between Powell & Meadows Insurance Agency and Farmers Mutual of Tennessee has been a great fit. FMT’s appetite suits our rural communities well.  We also enjoy working with FMT because they have a desire to build a relationship between agency staff and underwriters.  This is uncommon in today’s insurance world as more and more companies move to completely automated processing which will further commoditize agent/company relationships.”

Powell & Meadows Insurance Agency Lafayette

Powell & Meadows Insurance | Lafayette Office | 615.666.6060

FMT values our relationship with Powell & Meadows Insurance Agency and we appreciate their commitment and service to their customers. If you have insurance needs in the Upper Middle Tennessee area, either request a quote online at www.powellmeadows.com or contact a friendly agent at one of their four locations in:

  • Carthage 735.1111
  • Lafayette 666.6060
  • Lebanon 444.7000
  • Portland 325.3930