FMT - The Farmers Mutual of Tennessee

It would be hard to find a better symbol to represent our state than the farmer. With courage and determination, farmers tilled the soil, tended livestock, and established a farming tradition in Tennessee, joining together in communities to preserve their heritage and address their needs.

It was one of these communities that came together on July 12, 1913, when one hundred Knox County farmers met in Market House to organize the Farmers Mutual Fire Insurance Company. As members of a group with shared concerns they met to find a solution. The organization that formed and flourished that day, now known as Farmers Mutual of Tennessee, remains dedicated to a person-to-person approach to solving common problems with valuable solutions.

Downtown Knoxville Market House circa 1913

One hundred years after its founding in Knox County, Farmers Mutual of Tennessee has grown to provide insurance coverage throughout the state. We believe in neighbors helping neighbors and we make this idea a foundation of the products and services we offer.

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Farmers Mutual of Tennessee exists to provide good coverage at a fair price to our policyholders by maintaining a financially and culturally sound company. We are devoted to delivering ethical, honest and fair service to our policyholders, employees, vendors, peers and community.

Farmers Mutual of Tennessee since 1913